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With curtains, it is so that we first enjoy their beauty and then comes the disappointment in the form of settled dust, graying and even yellowing. The fabric from which they are made is prone to these contaminants, and since we do not change the curtains every week, the dirt settles and settles. What about that?

Major Carpet Cleaners brought curtain Cleaning tips which will surely help to get rid of Stubborn stains & odour.

Of course, washing in the washing machine comes in handy. Without it, we would fit the curtains by hand, and few people have as much patience or time these days, although manual cleaning still has its supporters. Automatic washing machines are already adapted to curtain-type fabrics and can handle them gently and sensitively. If you do not have such a program, choose a low temperature and low speed. However, for the result to be really great, do one important thing before inserting the curtains into the drum.

Curtain Washing Tips

Maybe you already knew that and maybe you’re just a beginning housewife that any good advice suits. It is said from our grandmothers that the curtains must first be soaked in cold water, left to act and only then washed. It is a good idea to add salt or baking soda to the cold water in which you leave them temporarily. Both kitchen ingredients will ensure that graying, possible stains and other impurities disappear. Leave to rest for at least an hour, calmly and all night, and then rinse them cold again. When the biggest water drains, then they go to the washing machine.

Curtains, as we have already written, require gentle washing. This means 30 to 40 degrees and the lowest speed that the washing machine has. They should be inserted into the drum folded or in an anti-tear net. Manufacturers of cleaning products are ready for curtains, so you will find quite a few products on the market with a precise purpose. Also choose according to the scent so that the freshly washed curtains smell pleasant and give the room a touch of freshness. They hang freshly washed to stretch naturally, straighten out and we won’t even lie – even to save work with ironing.

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