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Sometimes there are troubles with the carpet. The carpet may have burns, shiny spots, cuts, damage to the base. It happens that it turns out, loses colour in places, becomes dull, but you don’t want to part with it. But, if you try, for instance, to stitch up a ripped place on the carpet yourself, nothing good will come of it. You will get a thick, ugly fold, which spoils the look of the product.

How to restore a carpet and is it possible to do it? 

Modern technologies allow dry cleaning factories to perform work not only for cleaning products but also for their restoration. Restoration is more than cleaning from dust and dirt. Wounded or dilapidated carpets require a particularly delicate and qualified attitude. First, the product is carefully inspected, problem areas are identified, the condition is assessed, the appropriate technologies are selected and a decision is made on how to renew the carpet.

At the second step, carpets are cleaned with dry foam, methods are applied, i.e. solve the problem of how to refresh the carpet.

How to Restore Carpet Pile

To restore the lost properties of the product, the restorer shows all his skill:

  • Looking for fibres that are similar to those in need of restoration,
  • Combing and laying down the pile,
  • Removes chemical residues by vacuum finishing. The finishing touches for this stage are the finishing of the stain marks;
  • In places of breaks and holes, he changes the warp threads by hand, paints the pile to match the carpet.

You can try to restore the attractiveness of the product yourself.

How to restore the colour of the carpet with your own hands

Acrylic fabric paints are used to restore the colour of discoloured areas of a carpet. The work is almost jewellery: the paint is applied with a thin brush along the fibres of the pile. The paints are selected as close to the original colour as possible.

Professionals in carpet Stretching services say that a carpet has as many lives as it has come into contact with them.

Some choose a simpler option: they paint over the colourless villi with felt-tip pens, but this colour cannot be called reliable.

How to Remove Dents in the Carpet

Furniture leaves unsightly dents on the carpet. use an iron with a steamer to get rid of the dent. The steam moisturizes the villi, making them pliable. It remains only to gently lift the nap with a fork or the edge of a tablespoon in the direction of the bulk of the villi. Do not touch the carpet surface with the iron. Only steam works. The distance between the carpet and the iron belongs to the area of ​​risk and constant monitoring. 

How to Remove Burnt Places 

It will be possible to easily eliminate the burned spots on the carpet only in case of superficial damage. Do this with sandpaper. If the burns are deeper, a different technology is used: first, the damaged villi are cut off, then transparent glue is dripped onto this place. The burned area should be filled with new fibres, and their direction should coincide with the location of the entire nap.