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Almost every young housewife sooner or later thinks about how to clean curtains and curtains at home. After all, we are not always ready to pay a certain amount for dry cleaning. It is always more pleasant to make a room beautiful with your own efforts.

In this article, you will learn how to properly clean and wash all types of curtains. And also how to take care of them at home.

Choosing the type of cleaning curtains and curtains

Depending on the degree of dirtiness of your curtains, we choose the type of cleaning. At home, there are usually 2 types of them:

  1. Dry cleaning curtains
  2. Wash

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

You can do this yourself. To do this, we take a special attachment for curtains or upholstered furniture and set the power of the vacuum cleaner to “minimum”. If you do not have such a nozzle, wrap the brush with a thin cloth and fix it with an elastic band.

We pay attention first to the inner side of the curtains. Then we go to the external one. We also remember about the cleanliness of the cornice and rings: we wipe all the dust with a sponge. If they are too high, this can be done with a brush with a handle.

How to clean roller blinds?

Roller blinds cannot be washed and washed, because due to wet processing, they lose their dust-repellent properties. Therefore, we clean them with a vacuum cleaner or brush. An ordinary eraser will help us to cope with minor small dirt. It is best to entrust the cleaning of roller blinds to a dry cleaner.

How to wash curtains?

Stage 1. Determine the fabric

Today on the market there are many types of curtains and fabrics for their creation. We offer you the most common types and methods of caring for them:

  • Tulle
    This is the easiest material to use and clean. They are easy to wash, dry and hardly need ironing. We recommend washing light tulle once every 2 weeks. To prevent it from turning yellow, use bleach or special detergents for delicate washing.
  • Lambrequin
    Cleaning of lambrequins has many nuances. For example, if the lambrequins are hard, it is forbidden to wash them in the washing machine. Because they can easily lose their shape. We recommend dry cleaning or dry vacuuming.
  • Velvet
    We wash the velvet in the delicate wash mode. To make it easier to iron later, dry flat. Iron strictly in the direction of the pile.
  • Organza
    This is a very delicate and flying material. Its wash is best done by hand. If you still chose to wash in the washing machine, we set the delicate mode. Use mild detergents and wring out the curtains by hand. Be extremely careful with them.
  • Linen
    This is a natural material, canvas. It is considered the most unpretentious type of curtain material. We choose manual washing. Considering that the material can easily sit down, we wash it at a maximum at a temperature of 30 degrees. And we iron, on the contrary – at a high temperature with steam.
  • Silk
    As a rule, these are very expensive curtains. The material is too delicate to be washed at home. It can also shed. Therefore, we advise you to contact a specialist in dry cleaning.

Stage 2. How to properly wash curtains at home?

We wash the curtains correctly! We present several rules that you must strictly follow.

Remember that an incorrectly set mode or improper drying can irreparably damage your curtains.

  1. One curtain material – one wash. This is a golden rule that you must remember forever. Mixing washes is strictly prohibited.
  2. We choose a delicate or manual wash mode. Every modern washing machine has it.
  3. Don’t forget about additional rinsing. This will help get rid of residual detergent and, as a result, streaks on the curtains.
  4. We squeeze the curtains manually or at minimum speed. We do this with great care so as not to damage the fabric.

Stage 3. Dry the curtains

Most curtains need to be dried upright and flattened out. Dry flax by spreading it out on a flat surface.

Step 4. Ironing

First, we deal with the modes of our iron. Because you need to iron the curtains depending on their material. Usually, on irons we can see such modes as: silk, linen, jeans, velor, etc. You also need to monitor the cleanliness of the iron, because adhering particles can remain on your curtains when steaming. We recommend ironing curtains through a thin fabric such as cotton.

How to care for your curtains?

  • The pollution of your curtains depends on the cleanliness of the air and the environment. Therefore, do not forget to do wet cleaning 2 times a week. We advise you to remember to vacuum the curtains with a special nozzle every time you take out the vacuum cleaner.
  • The upper part is considered the dustiest part of the curtains, so we pay more attention to it. We also recommend that you dry-clean your curtains at least once a year. This will increase the service life.

In this article, you read about caring for curtains, curtains and tulle at home.

If you do not have enough time or energy for this, our “Major Carpet Cleaners” will gladly help you with cleaning your curtains of any kind.