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Restoration of a carpet:-

The hand-knotted rugs increase in beauty year after year and can last generations , thanks to the care in the choice of the materials used and the extremely precise processing techniques. The materials and dyes age together with the carpet, giving each manufacturer a particular and always unique charm.

The Causes of Carpet Wear

It may happen that with time and use, and also due to not always careful maintenance, some parts of the carpet wear out to the point of ruining and affecting the beauty and charm of the work in front of us. Other small domestic accidents, such as flooding, can contribute to damage to our beautiful carpet.

In these cases, before resorting to do-it-yourself remedies that could only exacerbate the damage, it is advisable to rely on expert hands and ensure the correct repair and maintenance of the manufacture.

The Correct Restoration of the Antique Carpet

The restoration, which can be mainly of a conservative or reconstructive type, does not restore the carpet as before, but each restoration contributes to maintaining the historical memory of the carpet . It is only thanks to a skilful repair that some specimens so rare and precious can still be admired after so many years.

The restoration is a work of craftsmanship : there are no machines and computers, but only the eye and the hand of the expert, who has the right experience and knowledge .

In fact, for a correct repair it is necessary to follow the same techniques, the same materials, the same wools (hand-spun) – the wools on sale in the West for example are not good because they are too different from the original ones and once the restoration has been carried out. this is noticeable.

In the restoration of antique carpets, the parts that most often need to be restored are the headboard and the edges , precisely because they wear out more quickly.

A tip: do not wait for the damage to spread too much , it is better to make small adjustments than requiring a demanding, very complex and expensive restoration once.

Maintenance and Washing

To avoid massive damage to the carpet, proper maintenance and periodic washing with water to remove dust are essential . A check every four years is enough to preserve the charm and beauty of our carpet. To learn more about the topic, we recommend reading our article on washing and cleaning the carpet.

Note: Next Gen Carpet Cleaning is not responsible for any defects that may be caused by the application of these cleaning and care tips, as the products and tools mentioned are advisable, but depending on the way in which they are applied they could deteriorate the carpets. This is because the materials of each rug are unique and their dyes and composition will react in different ways. We always recommend professional carpet restoration.