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If a small carpet gets wet, remove it from the floor and hang it outdoors to dry it completely. But, large carpets that are difficult to move need to be dried on the spot. Let talk about how to dry a wet carpet immediately.

Anyone unlucky enough to experience a flood in their home knows how terrible it can be. Carpets are particularly vulnerable to damage as they absorb water. A carpet that is flooded becomes a heavy, smelly object that needs immediate attention. If a carpet is exposed to standing water for more than a couple of days, there is a very good chance that it will have to be discarded entirely. Carpets that dry quickly have a better chance of being saved.

Dry the carpet immediately

  • Spread the cloth over the wet area of ​​the carpet – Walk on the cloth so that it absorbs water. When the cloth gets wet, replace it with a new dry cloth and repeat. Repeat it. Make sure the floor under the carpet is not wet.
  • Use Vacuum on the wet carpet – You need a special vacuum cleaner that can absorb water. Most household vacuum cleaners are made for dry areas and they are dangerous for wet carpets. So be careful not to use a household vacuum cleaner on wet carpets. But a wet vacuum cleaner to completely remove the moisture from the carpet like water damage restoration services. You can use a wet vacuum cleaner to absorb the moisture on the carpet surface, but it may not be possible to remove the moisture from the pad.
  • Evaporates the water from the carpet – It takes time to remove water just by evaporating, so use it with ceiling fans, fans, hairdryers, dehumidifiers, etc. Blow the wind toward the wet area to dry the moisture.

Dry the laid carpet

  • Move furniture from a wet carpet – This is to lift the carpet and check the condition of the floor below. The earlier move the furniture, the start drying the carpet. Because leaving furniture on a wet carpet will damage the furniture and floor.
  • Remove as much water as possible – The whole carpet cannot be lifted from the floor, but you need to examine it under the carpet. Here’s how to get rid of water. Absorb the water with a wet vacuum cleaner.
  • Lift the carpet off the floor – Let’s lift the carpet from the edge. Wear work gloves and use pliers to remove the carpet from the floor. If you don’t dry the floor under the carpet, the floor will be distorted. You can also pull the mounting material off the corner of the carpet. It is easy to peel off from the small sides and corners of the carpet.
  • Contact the carpet cleaning company – Finally, one of the best ways to clean a laid carpet is to hire a professional expert carpet cleaning company. Contacting them as soon as possible will allow the cleaning company to remove more water from the carpet and floor. Find a contractor who can do the guaranteed work and ask them to dry the floor as well as the carpet if required.

Check the room lender. Depending based on the wet carpet, personal liability insurance may cover the cost of carpet cleaning.


  • Whenever possible, lift the carpets and allow the fans to blow into your surface as well. Roll up the carpet and place it outside in the sun.
  • The shampoo will get rid of odours.
  • Mould begins to grow on a carpet 24 to 48 hours after it has been flooded.