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Which is the best way to clean a latex mattress, memory foam mattress, or spring mattress? How do I get rid of the large oil or wine stain, as well as the odours associated with it? Should I use soap, talcum powder, or ammonia to avoid buying a new cheap or high-end mattress for my home?

As a specialist in the sale of box spring mattresses and relaxation beds, we support you with a selection of the best methods to make your bedding set new.

mattress cleaning is necessary to ensure the longevity of your firm or a soft comfortable mattress. In particular, this allows sleepers to have a healthy night’s sleep and ensures that the risk of health problems is not increased. 

Of course, accidents or more stubborn tasks can happen over time. Like any type of product, a mattress wears out over the years, but with regular maintenance, you have the potential to slow down the aging process. Our best tips and guides you to get a clean mattress regardless of the type of material or technology of the mattress: the spring mattress in latex mattress through the shape memory mattress without distinction!


To clean a mattress, regardless of the technology it is advisable to use the hot water oxygenated. We suggest bringing a basin as well as a clean moist towel or sponge. Moisten the surface. You can dry the drops in the air, in the sun, or with a hairdryer that you keep at a certain distance so as not to cause a fire. Do not treat the stain with a sponge in this sort of household.

For an effective cleaning allowing you to easily remove the stains from your fixed or relaxation mattress, we can also recommend baking soda: in a bowl, mix the crystals a little water with baking soda to obtain a kind of liquid paste.

Then, moisten and rub on the stains with the mixture in your hand for several minutes.

The best is then to leave it to act on the surface overnight, regardless of the thickness of the stain, then to come and vacuum the residues with a vacuum cleaner.

Instead of dish soap or ammonia, you can simply rub the tick off with white vinegar and warm water, being careful not to over-soak your mattress. over the stains. In a container, pour a tablespoon of household vinegar, then add warm water.

Then think about rinsing with a washcloth by dipping it beforehand in a basin or container and then wringing it out to keep a slight humidity.

If your home is equipped with them, steam cleaners are effective. Easy to use, the steam will be able to eliminate mites and bacteria from your box spring mattress set.

Cleaning your mattress from time to time is recommended by bedding specialists who also encourage you to protect your bedding from the first night of use. To clean the surface of your mattress directly and fast, you don’t need to be a DIY expert.

Anticipate and Protect your Mattress

To prevent the risk of accidents, it is completely possible to protect it well to limit the damage. Thus, you will need to protect it with a mattress protector and a fitted sheet. They can be found in various fabrics: cotton, silk, flannel, linen Likewise, mattress protectors can be waterproof. Before buying your mattress protector, pay attention to plasticized liners that are not necessarily pleasant to the touch or which tend to make noise when rubbing against the mattress. Some mattresses already have a removable cover for an even more hygienic aspect. This is the case with our memory foam mattresses and the Vita form latex mattress. Certain daily actions will also be used to preserve the condition of your mattress: remember to ventilate your room for at least 15 minutes a day, bed unmade to fight against the proliferation of dust mites, and maintain a temperature of 18 °C in the room. Vacuum regularly between the slats of the box spring and below the box spring, whether it is a box spring or a solid wood base.

Why Protect your Mattress?

You should know that every night, our body experiences a loss of water We sweat a lot even though we don’t feel it when we wake up. As a result, an incredible number of dirt, bacteria, microbes accumulate in the bedding as the nights go. This is particularly true in the summer period, a season conducive to the development of fungi and bacteria, due to a hot and humid climate. The bed can be a real infection nest. It can increase the risk of health problems, especially for sensitive and allergic people. To limit these risks, you must therefore maintain your fixed bedding or relaxation mattress box spring and your accessories, change and wash your sheets regularly, either once a week or every two weeks at the latest because this corresponds to the time that germs and allergens need to build up between the fibres of the fabric.

In conclusion, you will have understood it, to avoid some health concerns, from developing allergies and especially to keep your bedding longer, you must make the right choice from the start in terms of bed linen. To best protect your bedding, be especially vigilant in its maintenance by repeating certain daily actions and not forgetting to regularly clean the mattress. With Maliterie, detach your mattress easily!